Task Management In SharePoint (On-Prim/Online) - Part Three

In this third article of series Task Management in SharePoint, we are going to learn some more interesting facts about task list in SharePoint. 

Before going further please have a look at the previous parts of this series.

Note: This is the third part of series Task Management in SPO.

Let’s first update the details in our Task List as we leave it before some time.


As we change the status of our tasks in Task List it looks like above image i.e. percent complete get affected and we changed the Priority as well.

Let’s see what we can do next to our Task Management.

In our last article, we skipped a point in Tasks Tab; that is Add to Timeline. Task list in SP (SharePoint) comes with a Timeline by default. This is a very interesting feature of a task list that we can show our task(s) in some cool graphical format (Timeline). Let’s have a look.


To add our task in timeline we have two options,

  1. Check the task in the task list and go to Tasks Tab then click on Add to Timeline button.


  2. Click on three dots (…) in the task list and a popup opens. Here's the screenshot,


    When we click on ADD TO TIMELINE, it automatically adds to the Timeline gave for the Task List. Here we are going to add 3 task(s) in our timeline.

    We can also remove the tasks from a task list vice versa. When we click onto a task in the timeline it automatically enables a tab in the ribbon.


    Next, we are going to see what interesting things we can do with timeline.
We can do the following things with timeline.
  • Can Change font family for tasks text in the timeline.
  • Can change the size of the text.
  • We can make our text BOLD, italic, and underline.
  • We can change the background color for the task(s) in the timeline as well as we can change font colors too.
  • Can include Task Dates, Today line, Start and finish option to timeline Timescale for tasks.
  • We can change the date formats for tasks.
  • We can change the display style of our task(s) in the timeline. Can lock the width of Timeline.
  • Last but not least we can remove any task(s) from the timeline.

Have a look at the following image,


If you don’t like to see the timeline for our task list, then remove this from its default view.

To achieve this we have to follow some steps.

  • Click on LIST tab in ribbon and then click on Modify View,


  • When we click on Modify View we see a new window opened. Find Style option and expand it, uncheck the Show timeline above the view and that's it.,

    In this way, we see that how to work with the timeline in the task list. In our next article, we are going to see that how to work with Alert in Task List.

Hope you are enjoying the series.


In this article we learned some basic understating of how to work with the timeline in SPO task list. This is a graphical representation of our task so that we can manage it accordingly.

Thanks for reading.

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