How to define access specifiers(abstraction) in VB.NET

We can define the security in our program using access specifiers in VB.NET.

Abstraction (access specifiers)

Abstraction means defining the accessibility level of components of a namespace and their members. There are five types of abstraction (access specifiers).

Private (default)

A Private class is accessible only within the class, module and structure. if we do not declare a class as a private it is by default.


A public class have no restriction. it can be accessible anywhere in the project.


Protected means that elements are accessible only from within their own class or from a derived class.


Friend can be access using an object or by class within the assembly. In C# we use internal in place of the friend.

Protected friend

A protected friend Can be access using an object or class within the assembly and can only be inherited in other assemblies. In C# we use internal protected in place of protected friend.

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