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By Syed Shanu Mar 02 2018
On Feb 7th 2018 I submit my article and on Feb 14th 2018 I submitted my 2nd article today its March 2nd and still my both articles were not published yet. I have talked to Mahesh as well as Dinesh regarding this and they said soon my article will be published. From editorial team I got message as my article will be published soon but soon after 2 days my first article is marked as Incomplete, I’m not sure as what this mean as I have a solution with conclusion and my second article which I was submitted not yet visible in Article Section. First time I’m getting this kind of very late response of publications and approval process. I’m not sure as even if I publish my future articles in CSharpCorner will that be published or not. As an article writer we spend month, week, day and hours to write an article and after a lot of hard work our article is not publishing in right time then what is the use of contributions to the community. Same like this I posted a blog topic called “How Do I Manage My Time For Work, Family And Community” on Dec 15th 2017 but that blog post was not published as the editor send message as the grammar is very poor, I’m not from the English speaking country and that is why in CSharpCorner we have editor team to proof read ,check the grammar ,fix it and then publish. Since December 2017 my 1 blog and 2 article which I published in CSharpCorner is not published yet. Now I will leave this to CSharpCorner as further shall I contribute my article or not and if so how about my 2 articles which published a month ago. The article approval process need to be speedup and all the articles which is publishing in CSharpCorner needs to be published within 1 day or 2 and not more than that time span.For the long time contributor or for the MVP’s there should be some prirority to approve the articles sooner.Today we are in fast ear and a technology is rapidly changing every day or a week and when our article which we published was been approved after 2 week or more than a month than that article will be as outdated and no use of again publishing that articles. Hope CSharpcorner will do the best on making fast approval of articles.

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