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Easier linking

By Sam Hobbs Jul 27 2010
It would help if it would be easeir to make a link to an article or other resources. For example see the thread "heloo." at: Mahesh Chand says "Check out Games section of this website.". Then later he gives a link to it. I totally understand. It does take time to click, click, click and such to get a link. It wsould help the people we help better if we provide links and I think it is possible to make it easier to get links. The "Our Recommended Articles" at the right side of the forum pages helps but there are often other articles but it takes time to find them and make the links in our posts. I am not sure how to do it, but I can make suggestions that are more specific if it might help. One problem is that if we copy a link from somewhere else and then paste it into a post, the link gets pasted with other formatting, so then I must clean it up and that takes time. I really think that a little bit of improvement of little things such as this can help a lot.

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