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Offer a modified layout of the code question and answer areas

By Brad Rogers Mar 11 2016
I would like to see C#Corner, a very good and helpful website, greatly expand the number of developers asking and answering questions. To do this in my opinion the format has to be modified to speed up getting directly to unanswered questions, and directly to the code itself. When I try to find answers to a question, it's difficult to find code. There should be a search and it goes to answers that have code right there. So if you timed the delay from clicking search until code is shown on the screen? That number needs to be driven lower. Ask a question? there are a list of answers, click one and code is there. What I observe now is the format is setup as many discussion boards are and it works, but in my opinion "code" is different and has to be at the forefront, the center, right there, everything else is to the sides or at the bottom. The extra work in having to read the page top to bottom, think about it, then evaluate from all the dozens of visual things on a page what has to be clicked next in order to chase towards code? No, its too difficult. So my suggestion is to make the page data wider with code in the middle, right there, easy to see. If I'm thinking code I don't want to have to stop and look at a page and read it top to bottom, and do what amounts to solving a puzzle to figure out what to click, or where to go next to find code that's posted. If that can be done? Many more users will get involved. Thank you.

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