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Jane Pallikunnath
After building the solution in Visual Studio,how to make it visible to the entire team.
By Jane Pallikunnath in .NET onOct 17 2018
  • Kapil Gaur
    Oct, 2018 31

    You can use Team foundation Server or some other code repository to make it available for whole team. Team foundation server is itself available as part of Visual studio components. You need to set that up and it is the easiest way to share the code otherwise git and bitbucket etc are other repositories which are available for same.

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  • harikesh dubey
    Mar, 2019 7

    you can use TFS/online TFS ,svn ,git or any repository system to make code available to Team.

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  • Gaurav Gupta
    Apr, 2019 24

    you can use TFS, git or any other repository for maintain change log of the solution.

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