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brunda k
Application_Start in ASP.NET
By brunda k in ASP.NET on Mar 06 2012
  • Dawid
    Mar, 2012 8

    for string like that float.Parse(string s); or float.TryParse(String s, out float f);

    if U wanna convert from numerical  types U can do it in this way float f=(float) double (or other type)  

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  • Dawid
    Mar, 2012 8

    session expired, default after 20 minutes

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  • brunda k
    Mar, 2012 6

    I have cacheload method in Application_Start of the web application.

    The application is accesses for the first time,which means Application_Start is fired and cache is loaded.

    After 2hrs of idle time,We observed that Application_Start is triggered again and cache is getting reloaded.

    We didn't do any iisreset.


    Can any one explain why this is happening?v

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