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What is Blob Storage Policy in Azure?

By Tuhin Paul in Azure on Feb 24 2023
  • Jay Pankhaniya
    Mar, 2023 8

    Blob Storage Policies can be set at the container level, and they can be used to apply different rules to different containers within the same storage account. You can also define multiple policies for a single container, which can be useful when you need to apply different rules to different sets of blobs within the same container.

    There are several types of Blob Storage Policies, including:

    Lifecycle Management Policy: This policy allows you to define rules for automatically deleting or moving blobs based on their age or the total number of versions.

    Versioning Policy: This policy enables versioning for your blobs, which allows you to store multiple versions of the same blob and access them at any time.

    Immutability Policy: This policy prevents blobs from being modified or deleted for a specified period of time, which can be useful for compliance or regulatory purposes.

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