Samir Bhogayta
Define different execute methods of ADO.NET command object ?
By Samir Bhogayta in ADO.NET on Sep 03 2015
  • Sunil Babu
    Apr, 2016 3

    Different execute methods of ADO.NET command object are Execute Scalar() , Execute reader() , ExecuteNonQuery(). ExecuteScalar() fetches only a single object. ExecuteReader() fetches result set with multiple rows and loads to datareader. ExecuteNonquery() executes sql statements for insert,update and delete.

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  • Bharathi Raja
    Jan, 2018 20

    *C# ExecuteNonQuery *C# ExecuteReader *C# ExecuteScalar

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  • Samir Bhogayta
    Sep, 2015 3

    ExecuteScalar:- This method returns a single value from the first row and first column of the result get from the execution of SQL query. ExecuteNonQuery:- This method executes the DML SQL query just like insert, delete or update and then returns the number of rows affected by the action. ExecuteReader:- This method returns DataReader object which is a forward-only resultset. ExecuteXMLReader:- This method is available for SQL Server 2000 or later. Upon execution it builds XMLReader object from standard SQL query.

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