Manoj Kalla
Describe two example in which we can use cookies?
By Manoj Kalla in .NET on Dec 27 2016
  • Manoj Kalla
    Dec, 2016 27

    Cookies can be use in following scenario: 1.Log-in Information. 2.To Check the previously logged in or not. 3.Cart Detail in Cookies before checkout. 4.Conducting a Poll.

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  • yogesh lodha
    Feb, 2017 17

    Cookies Store information at client machine (Browser Info. ) It is depend upon developer requirement to store information. 1.Before PAyment 2.Manage Card 3.Display Information 4.Previous day info

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  • Mukesh Kumar
    Aug, 2017 31

    Cookies used for sending small stringLike login details, or to check previously logged

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