Ashbin Kumar
difference between CTs and Cls
By Ashbin Kumar in ASP.NET on Feb 18 2009
  • P Narasimha
    Feb, 2009 19

    CLS:Comman Language Specification. it is Subset of CTS.
    CTS:Comman Type systemes. it can have different Types of Datatypes. it can be supports two types.
    1)Value Type.
    2)Refference type.
    1)Value type: It can Allocated Memory in Stack,
    Ex:int i =10;
    I value goes to stored in stack memory,int,float,struct etc.
    2)Refference type:It can Allocated Memory in Heap .
    ex:class,object, delegate,interface,string etc.

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  • renga nathan
    Feb, 2009 19

    CTS and CLS are major components through which the interoperablility is achived in dotnet framework.
    cls specifies some set of rules for all the .net compilers.
    cls stands for common language specification
    CTS stands for common type system.CTS Common Type System ensures compatability between the
    components that are developed in different languages

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