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sumaira manzoor hussain khan
difference b/w datatable and dataset
  • Vara Prasad
    Nov, 2011 3

    Data table means collection of rows and columns

    Data Set means collection of  Data tables

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  • Shankar M
    Apr, 2013 26

    DataTable is a Table for storing in-memory data.DataSet is a collection of DataTables.

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  • Umar Ali
    Sep, 2012 1

    Please refer to the following link to know the differences between DataTable and DataSet,

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  • Bhupendrakumar Tiwari
    Mar, 2012 5

    dataset act as container for data table...

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  • Puneet Sharma
    Nov, 2011 10

    Difference between data table and dataset is , Datatable is collection of rows and columns  and Dataset is collection of tables both are used in disconnected architecture .

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  • Shashi kant Yadav
    Nov, 2011 2

    A database is  a collection of information organized to provide efficient retrieval,it is a 
    mechanism for storing, managing,updating and retrieving information.
    The dataset is a memory-based relational representation of data.A dataset is part of the disconnected environment.A dataset is a disconnected,cached set of records that are retrieved from a datbase.

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