Ramesh Palaniappan
Differentiate between CustomMasterUrl and MasterUrl?
By Ramesh Palaniappan in SharePoint on Aug 18 2016
  • Ramesh Palaniappan
    Aug, 2016 18

    - MasterUrl is used to change the layout of all end user pages while CustomMasterUrl is used for changing the layout of admin pages.

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  • Akshay Deshmukh
    Jul, 2017 7

    MasterUrl: This master page will be used for system pages (ghosted) like list / library forms, site settings, view all contents pages.CustomMasterUrl: This master page will be used for all publishing pages in pages library or site pages library.

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  • Stephana Thomas
    Jun, 2018 29

    MasterUrl is the property which is used to set master pages for all forms and non publishing pagesCustomMasterUrl is the property used to set the master pages for publishing sites.

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