Kranthi Kumar Verroju
explain about page life cycle in
By Kranthi Kumar Verroju in ASP.NET on Jul 25 2006
  • vivek kumar pandey
    Jun, 2012 6

    Hi.. ASP.Net webpage execution will perform several steps for processing page, this is called page life cycle. the steps are 1)preInit 2)Init 3)preload 4)Load 5)PreRender 6)Render 7)Unload

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  • Manoranjan charty
    Sep, 2010 23

    ASP.Net webpage execution will perform several steps for processing page, this is called page life cycle. the steps are
    1) Page Request
    3)Page initialization
    4)Page Load
    5)Post Back events execution

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  • Mohd Nasar
    Mar, 2008 12

    Stage Events/Method
    Page Initialization Page_Init
    View State Loading LoadViewState
    Postback data processing LoadPostData
    Page Loading Page_Load
    PostBack Change Notification RaisePostDataChangedEvent
    PostBack Event Handling RaisePostBackEvent
    Page Pre Rendering Phase Page_PreRender
    View State Saving SaveViewState
    Page Rendering Page_Render
    Page Unloading Page_UnLoad

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  • Arjun Hotwani
    Sep, 2007 11

    1. OnInit (Init)  -- Inializes all Child controls on the Page

    2. LoadControlState  -- Loads the Control State 

    3. LoadViewState -- Loads the View State

    4. LoadPostData -- Control properties are set according to the received form data

    5. Load -- Actions can be performed on the controls as all the pre-activities are complete by this time

    6. RaisePostDataChangedEvent -- This event is raised if data has been changed in previous and Current Postbacks.

    7. RaisePostBackEvent -- This event handles the user action that caused the Postback.

    8. PreRender (OnPreRender) -- This event takes place between postback and saving viewstate. Till this stage changes will be saved to the control.

    9. SaveControlState -- Self Explanatory

    10. SaveViewState -- Self Explanatory

    11. Render -- Generates artifacts at Client side (HTML,DHTML,Scripts) to properly display controls

    12. Dispose -- Releases unmanaged Resource ( Database connections, file handles)

    13. Unload -- Releases managed Resources ( Instances created by CLR)

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  • bhaskara Reddy
    Jul, 2006 25

    While excuting the page, it will go under the fallowing steps(or fires the events) which collectivly known as Page Life cycle.

    Page_Init                             -- Page Initialization
    LoadViewState                     -- View State Loading
    LoadPostData                      -- Postback data processing
    Page_Load                          -- Page Loading
    RaisePostDataChangedEvent  -- PostBack Change Notification
    RaisePostBackEvent             -- PostBack Event Handling
    Page_PreRender                  -- Page Pre Rendering Phase
    SaveViewState                   -- View State Saving
    Page_Render                      -- Page Rendering
    Page_UnLoad                     -- Page Unloading

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