Manoj Bhoir
Explain MVC (Model-View-Controller) in general?
By Manoj Bhoir in .NET on May 16 2015
  • Umamaheswara Rao Dasari
    Aug, 2015 18

    Model-View-Controller[MVC] When user requests, the request hits the "Controller". The Controller asks the "Model" for data. The Model gives the data to the Controller from the DB. The Controller formats the data and passes them to the "View". The View renders the Html that needs to be sent to the Client

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  • Ankit Kanojia
    Dec, 2015 19

    MVC pattern forces a separation of concerns, it means domain model and controller logic are decoupled from user interface (view). As a result maintenance and testing of the application become simpler and easier.

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  • Ramakrishna Basagalla
    Nov, 2015 12

    In model view controller when the enduser requested any data it directly hit to controller, the controller contact model to get the data from the database or webservice and it will pass to controller, the controller will bind the data to view. - There is no code behind - There is no view state - There are no server controls - No page life cycle

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  • tanvir ahmed
    Jul, 2015 28

    To describe MVC the main part is Controller where are all logic are implemented. So Each controller interaction with Model and View.U are able to call Model in Controller function .

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  • Rakesh
    Jul, 2015 13

    Model is representing the application part and implements the data logic.View is representing the User interface part and display data on browser using Controller part.Controller is classes. In this part collect user Request.

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  • vartika tomar
    Jul, 2015 13

    modal-class that contain application logic related to data controller-classes that are invoked for incoming URL requests, retreive data from database and ultimately a response is send back to the browser. view-class that contain all html code related to GUI

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  • Asif MULLA
    Jul, 2015 2

    Basically MVC is separation of concern means all properties,operation with database done in Model. All UI related part handled in View. Controller calls the appropriate action to perform operation on model and returns related view to end user.

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  • Manoj Bhoir
    May, 2015 16

    MVC (Model-View-Controller) is an architectural software pattern that basically decouples various components of a web application. By using MVC pattern, we can develop applications that are more flexible to changes without affecting the other components of our application.“Model”, is basically domain data.“View”, is user interface to render domain data.“Controller”, translates user actions into appropriate operations performed on model.

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