Abhishek Rana
Explain the steps to be followed to deploy a Big Data solution.
By Abhishek Rana in Big Data on Jul 23 2019
  • Elavarasan R
    Aug, 2019 16

    1.Data ingestion:

    Data ingestion, the process of collecting or streaming information from various sources like log files, social media files, and SQL databases. It encounters three important challenges while ingestion Large table ingestion, Schema changes in the source and Change data capture

    2.Data storage:

    To Load or store the extracted data in HDFS or NoSQL by the HBase. It can be easily accessed and processed by applications.

    3.Data processing:

    This is an actual process of getting a bigdata solution. To analyze big data sets at terabyte or even petabyte-scale by MapReduce or Spark framework.

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  • Laxmidhar Sahoo
    Jan, 2020 25

    1. Step 1: Data Sources
    2. Step 2: Integration and Data Storage
    3. Step 3: Data Models and Analytics
    4. Step 4: Visualization and Reporting.

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