nilesh lotake
how to create socket programming in simple way to c# plz expalin ?
By nilesh lotake in Algorithms in C# on Nov 30 2015
  • Ibrahim Ragab
    Sep, 2017 2

    public static string ReverseString(string inputString) { char[] inputCharArray = inputString.ToCharArray();char[] reverseCharArray = new char[inputCharArray.Length];inputCharArray.CopyTo(reverseCharArray, 0);Array.Reverse(reverseCharArray);for(int i= 0;i< inputCharArray.Length;i ){if(!char.IsLetterOrDigit(reverseCharArray[i])){reverseCharArray[i] = inputCharArray[i];}}return new string(reverseCharArray);}

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  • Paul
    Jun, 2016 20

    1.Socket program is otherwise called as Client- Server program.Namespace like and System.Net.Sockets are required to develop socket programs. We need two programs for communicating a socket application in C#. A Server Socket Program ( Server ) and a Client Socket Program ( Client ).2. When working with sockets you can use either the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet protocol) or UDP/IP (User Datagram Protocol/Internet protocol) communication mechanisms. In order to exchange data between two or more processes over a network, you can take advantage of the TCP and UDP transport protocols. While the TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is a secure and reliable connection oriented protocol, the UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is a relatively less secure or reliable, fast, and connectionless protocol.3. To establish the connection between server and client,Server address and port number are required.

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