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Abhishek Tyagi
How to prevent client side validation from the ASP.NET validation controls?
By Abhishek Tyagi in ASP.NET on Oct 11 2012
  • Anil Kumar
    Nov, 2012 30

    ASP.Net validation controls always validate on the server side and in DHTML supported browsers (now almost all browsers)it also validate at client side to reduce round trip to server. By default client side validation is true and it can be set to false on control to control basis. "EnableClientScript" property is used to turn off client side validation - enableclientscript="False";

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  • Abhishek Bhat
    Oct, 2012 16

    EnableClientScript is a property for enabling / disabling client side validation

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  • Abhishek Tyagi
    Oct, 2012 11


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