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Rajkiran Swain
In how many ways you can pass parameters to a method in c# ?
By Rajkiran Swain in SharePoint onMay 10 2017
  • Piyush Agarwal
    Mar, 2018 7

    Pass by Value and Pass by reference. In pass by reference the original value gets changed if the value is changed in the calling function however the value is not changed in pass by value .

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  • Rajkiran Swain
    May, 2017 10

    We can categorize method parameters in various parts. Some of them are: Named Parameters (C# 4.0 and above) Ref Parameter (Passing Value Types by Reference) Out Parameters Default Parameters or Optional Arguments (C# 4.0 and above) Dynamic parameter (dynamic keyword). Value parameter or Passing Value Types by Value (normal C# method param are value parameter) Params (params)

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