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Mahesh Patil
In My WPF application I have Add Record on one xaml form and Display This record On another Xaml form so After Adding Record My datagrid Will Not Be Update , Is It Possible to Update one winform using Another Winform Pleze give me Reply . .. . Thanks in Advance . . .
By Mahesh Patil in WPF onSep 12 2013
  • braj mishra
    Jun, 2015 6

    use delegates

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  • Akhil Garg
    Sep, 2014 14

    yes you can use events. if you are following prism & mvvm framework then publish one event and subscribe that event in both viewmodel so it will update both.

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  • Yogesh Jadhav
    Sep, 2013 23

    are you storing one value in database from one form and want to see that on another form??

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