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Hemant Mahajan
Is it possible to create query for Linq on columns identified at runtime and not the parameter values?
By Hemant Mahajan in LINQ onJan 26 2016
  • Shweta Lodha
    Jan, 2016 27

    Expression tree can be your option here

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  • Kiran Mahajan
    Sep, 2016 27

    It is not Possible Because of first compiler check and gives an error

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  • Keerthi Venkatesan
    Jun, 2016 8

    Dynamic LINQ Queries with Expression Trees can be used

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  • Bhuvanesh Mohankumar
    May, 2016 29

    Dynamic LINQ library can be used to achieve this.

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  • Hemant Mahajan
    Jan, 2016 26

    By default its not possible in LINQ, You need you to write your own logic of few hundred lines to achieve this. By doing so it would be possible to possible to pick a column at runtime, also possible to decide filter at runtime. Expression Tree classes can help you achieve this.

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