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Vasudev Mishra
Is JQuery and JavaScript same?
By Vasudev Mishra in JQuery on Nov 29 2012
  • Sonu Singh
    Dec, 2012 28

    Javascript is a programming language JQuery is a javascript library which has a very high adoption rate amongst web developers using javascript

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  • Sunil Babu
    Apr, 2016 2

    Javascript is a client side browser compatible scripting language. JQuery is a Javascript library with its own prototypes,actions,sub routines,functions.

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  • Ravikumar G
    Apr, 2013 24

    Like how .net framework made of classes and methods , Jquery is also one type of framework made of javascript.

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  • Anubhav Chaudhary
    Feb, 2013 6

    jQuery is Library of Java Script and in .NET you can easily add the Java Script file but to add the jQuery you had to firstly install it as it's a "Nuget Package"

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  • Rajesh Gonugunta
    Dec, 2012 17

    j query is an an library of java script

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