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How we can display images from SharePoint Publishing Images library in Power Apps? or Can we load images from SharePoint Publishing Images library?

Is there any way we can display images directly from Publishing Images library in PowerApps?

By Roshni Gandhi in .NET on Aug 05 2019
  • Roshni Gandhi
    Aug, 2019 5

    We can not directly add Publishing Images library from the list of libraries we have for that site. Though we can manually type and add it.
    Using this library and using items’ link or whole item to image controll will not load images.
    We can only load these images if we have url which ends with “file name.jpg”, “file name.png” or other image extensions.
    Thus, instead adding Publishing Images library into the POwer Apps we can follow below steps:

    1. create a list
    2. add Hyperlink or Picture column named ImageLink
    3. copy url of any of the image from Publishing Images library
    4. use this list in Power Apps.
    5. add Image control and in default property add ImageLink column.

    These steps will allow us to display images from Publishing Images Library.

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