Martin James
Regression vs Classification vs Clustering

I a preparing for an interview. My question is about the differences between regression, classification and clustering and to give an example for each.
Can someone help me ?

By Martin James in Data Science on Apr 19 2021
  • Amira Bedhiafi
    Apr, 2021 23

    According to Microsoft Documentation :
    Regression is a form of machine learning that is used to predict a digital label based on the functionality of an item. For example, suppose Adventure Works Bikes is a business that rents bikes in a city. The company could use historical data for an older model that predicts daily locate demand to make sure enough staff and bikes are available.

    Classification is a form of machine learning used to predict what category, or class, an item belongs to. For example, a clinic can use a patient’s characteristics (such as age, weight, blood pressure, etc.) to predict whether the patient is at risk for diabetes. In this case, the patient’s characteristics are traits, and the label is a classification of 0 or 1, representing non-diabetic or diabetic.

    Clustering is a form (non-supervised) of machine learning used to group items into clusters or clusters based on the similarities in their functionality. For example, a botanist can measure plants and group them based on similarities in their proportions.

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