Pavan Satpute
Security features provided in MVC approach.
By Pavan Satpute in ASP.NET on May 25 2015
  • Mohamed Gani Mn
    Oct, 2015 6

    We can use two process of Security feature in MVC Technology.1. Using ASP.Net configuration management as like Built-In TechniquesProject menu --> ASP.Net configuration.2. Coding Level Architecture Security with database.

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  • Pavan Satpute
    May, 2015 25

    we have following different option to keep our application secure.1.Authentication There are two authentication mechanisms in MVC : a. Forms Authentication b. Windows Authentication c. Oauth2.Authorization - we have AuthorizationFilter - we can implement the Authorization by using [Authorise] to implement Authorization filter in MVC.3.XSS -ASP.NET automatically reject this request to prevent Cross site scripting attack because the ASP.NET is going to look for anything that resembles the html and just reject the request4.CSRF(Cross Site Request Forgery) -@Html.AntiForgeryToken() and ValidateAntiForgeryToken can be used to stop CSRF

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