Baimey Rajesh
Top reason to use C# language ?
By Baimey Rajesh in C# on Sep 10 2015
  • Suresh Bharti
    Apr, 2016 28

    c# object oriented it means provide to implement the real time scenario.

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  • Baimey Rajesh
    Sep, 2015 10

    Modern, general-purpose programming language Object oriented. Component oriented. Easy to learn. Structured language. It produces efficient programs. It can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms. Part of .Net Framework.

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  • Bharathi Raja
    Jan, 2018 20

    Well C# has some nice built-in features like LINQ and delegates. It is getting the best from both worlds - Java and C++. Look here for a full comparison.But I like the Java world better - much more open source frameworks and it runs on every platform. And don't tell me about Mono - it is not a reliable option

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  • Sunil Babu
    Apr, 2016 2

    C# language has syntax similar to javascript and java.

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