Rohit Gupta
What all Network Protocols are supported by IoT?
By Rohit Gupta in Internet of Things on Jun 26 2020
  • Rohit Gupta
    Sep, 2020 3

    The list of network protocols are:

    1. http: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
    2. https: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secured
    3. TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
    4. ftp: File Transfer Protocol
    5. IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol
    6. POP: Post Office Protocol
    7. SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
    8. telnet: Terminal Network protocol
    9. UDP: User Datagram Protocol
    10. nntp: Network News Transfer Protocol
    11. MAC: Media Access Control protocol
    12. DNS: Domain Name System protocol
    13. DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

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  • Logesh Palani
    Jul, 2020 18

    IoT supports MQTT, AMQP, CoAP, HTTP and some other protocols

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