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Ankur Jain
What are differences between Array list and Hash table?
By Ankur Jain in .NET on Aug 18 2014
  • Sreekanth Reddy
    Jul, 2015 11

    ArrayList--> Index based. HashTable-->Key based.

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  • Ankur Jain
    Aug, 2014 18

    1) Hash table store data as name, value pair. While in array only value is store. 2) To access value from hash table, you need to pass name. While in array, to access value, you need to pass index number. 3) you can store different type of data in hash table, say int, string etc. while in array you can store only similar type of data.

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  • Avinava Basu
    Sep, 2016 8

    Such a waste of time.. People are confused with simple basics. Go first and check the difference between an array and an arraylist. C# corner , we expect better from you.

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  • Rishabh Jain
    Aug, 2016 29

    I agree with Rohit, please do not put any invalid comments and content, question is for difference between arraylist and hashtable, people refer these sites for interview, do not post wrong answers

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  • Hassan-Kafi Abdi
    Dec, 2015 8

    Hashtable is key/value pair based collection where Arraylist is index based. arraylist canbe easily sorted but hashtable is not.

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  • Rohit Rana
    Jul, 2015 30

    Duffer Ankur we are talking about ArrayList not Array. First you read the question then post your answer

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