Samir Bhogayta
What are good ADO.NET object(s) to replace the ADO Recordset object?
By Samir Bhogayta in ADO.NET on Sep 03 2015
  • Shiv Yadav
    Jul, 2016 19

    ADO.Net DataSet can replace ADO RecordSet. The Record Set can contain on one table value while the dataset can contain multiple tables values.

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  • Vasanth Natarajan
    Jun, 2016 10

    ADO.NET object DataSet Good one the main reasons are,1. .net DataSet is Disconnected architecture while ADO Recordset is Connected. 2. We can easily return datarecords using DataSet but as far as i know it is not possible with recordset

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  • Munesh Sharma
    May, 2016 3


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  • Vincent Maverick Durano
    Apr, 2016 12

    The entire ADO.NET thing is actually the new ADO for .NET.

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  • Shweta Lodha
    Jan, 2016 29

    ADO.NET dataset is good replacement

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  • Samir Bhogayta
    Sep, 2015 3

    There are alot...but the base once are SqlConnection, OleDbConnection, etc...

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