Mahesh Chand
What are static classes and what is the purpose of them?
By Mahesh Chand in OOP/OOD on Jul 12 2006
  • Keerthi Venkatesan
    May, 2016 18

    there are two main features of a static class, one is no object of static class can be created and another is, a static class must contain only static members, then it is important that what is the main benefit to create a static class, the main benefit of making static class, we do not need to make any instance of this class ,all members can be accessible with its own name.

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  • bapiraju uddaraju
    Aug, 2006 23

               static modifier can be applied to all methods andproperties

                by placing static in the signature of a method you are asking

                the compiler to consider the method as belonging to the    class not to the instance of class. when an application containg a

     class is loaded all static methods are loaded as a part of it that is

     the reason main() maethod contains static signature in order to be executed . it dose not belong to a object because methods belonging

    to object are called by passing message to object.static methods are

    executed indepently

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  • Kevin Jones
    Jul, 2006 30

    A static class means it can contain only static members. The point of this is so no instance of the object is created.

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