Gajendra Jangid
What are the 3 segments of the default route, that is present in an ASP.NET MVC application?
By Gajendra Jangid in .NET on Feb 10 2018
  • Shivangi Rajde
    Jul, 2018 26

    The default route's URL first points to the name of the Controller, the second segment of the URL points to the action of the Controller and the third segment points to the id which may and may not be passed in the form of paramenter of the action. The default value of the controller will be Home, for action it will route to Index action and by default it takes Id as empty string.For example: /Home/Index (with id as empty string) /Home/Index/7 (with id passed as 7)

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  • amol palkhe
    Jul, 2018 11

    3 Segments of default route are: 1. Controller - Default is Home 2. Action - Default action is Index 3. Id - Default Id is Optional parameter

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  • Rajireddy Kandi
    Oct, 2018 5

    3 Segments of default route are:1) Controller 2) Action 3) Id. route default set: 1) Controller-Home 2) Action-Index 3) Id-Optional Parameter

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