Nilesh Avhad
What are the Advantage and disadvantage of Session?
By Nilesh Avhad in .NET on Apr 24 2014
  • Bhargav Battina
    Jun, 2017 6

    Session-specific events, Extensibility, Platform scalability,Data placed in session-state variables can be preserved through Internet Information Services (IIS) restarts and worker-process restarts without losing session data because the data is stored in another process space. Additionally, session-state data can be persisted across multiple processes, such as in a Web farm or a Web garden.

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  • Pankaj Bajaj
    Apr, 2014 29

    Only serializable objects can store in Session. As Inproc session stores in server memory so in case of Large voulme of data it impacts server performance.

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  • Nilesh Avhad
    Apr, 2014 24

    Advantages: Session provide us the way of maintain user state/data. It is very easy to implement. One big advantage of session is that we can store any kind of object in it. :eg, datatabe, dataset.. etc By using session we don't need to worry about data collesp, because it store every client data separately. Session is secure and transparent from the user. Disadvantages: Performance overhead in case of large volumes of data/user, because session data is stored in server memory. Overhead involved in serializing and de-serializing session data, because in the case of StateServer and SQLServer session modes, we need to serialize the objects before storing them.

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