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What are the Class Libraries ?
By rahul jaiswal in OOP/OOD on Sep 10 2012
  • Pankaj  Kumar Choudhary
    Mar, 2015 30

    Class Library are collections of predefine classes . these classes can be use by a programmer when develop a application which increase the functionality of program. class library are collection of common classes which mostly used by programmers.

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  • Munesh Sharma
    Apr, 2014 12

    In object-oriented programming , a class library is a collection of prewritten class es or coded templates, any of which can be specified and used by a programmer when developing an application program. The programmer specifies which classes are being used and furnishes data that instantiate s each class as an object that can be called when the program is executed. Access to and use of a class library greatly simplifies the job of the programmer since standard, pretested code is available that the programmer doesn't have to write.A class library is analogous to a subroutine library in earlier, procedural programming.

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  • srikanth reddy
    Jun, 2013 17

    class library is nothing but collection of pre defined classes.

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  • rahul jaiswal
    Sep, 2012 10

    A Class 'Library' is a set of reusable classes meant for providing a specif functionality that can be readily used by the application.

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  • Bhabani Prasad
    May, 2014 24

    class library is nothing but collection of pre-defined classes and function which can be consumed by programmer for execution of Application

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