Fazli Mola Jan
What are the main advantages of web services in android?
By Fazli Mola Jan in Android on Dec 26 2016
  • Subhashkumar Yadav
    Feb, 2017 22


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  • Gajendra Jangid
    Mar, 2018 10

    main use of web service is we can directly coomunicate with diff. platform....

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  • Aawte Umesh
    Mar, 2017 30

    There are many 1. Only datatransfer - Considering you are using restFul Services it will transfer only data too and from server. This will help the process boost speed. 2. Manageable - Service are more manageable in term of changes in the data format or data itself. 3. Scalable - You can scale the services to any level. 4. Independant - Web services are platform independent so you can have a .net server to serve a android app.

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  • Abhisek Das
    Feb, 2017 20

    web service is a standard used for exchanging information between applications or systems with various platforms can use web services to exchange information over Internet using http/https protocol.Main Advantages are foloowing: 1)More light weight client Application 2)facility of re usage Function 3)More secure & fast database interaction. 4)less database hitRe-usage of existing functionalities:While designing the web service, we could also get significant benefits by reusing the existing functionalities by exposing them as web methods.

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  • Roshan Rathod
    Jul, 2020 19

    Web Service plays a major role in both Server Admin and Development verticals. Everything is becoming online now. All cloud servers are available online and can be accessed via web service. All applications / softwares are developed as Web Applications. For this web service is the most important thing.

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  • sana Rajpoot
    Sep, 2019 3

    web services and Rest APi both are used to get data from database and show on activity on client dimand.
    in single word it is a comunication bridge which is contect to the database and android activity .

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  • Aravind V
    Mar, 2019 26

    A web service is a standard for exchanging information between different types of applications irrespective of language and platform. For example, an android application can interact with java or .net application using web services.

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  • Tuemo Thomas
    Mar, 2019 22

    I think that web services solves the problem of communication with smart phone

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