Ganesh Sattawan
What are the minimum and maximum partitions provided by Azure IoT Hub?
By Ganesh Sattawan in Azure on Jul 16 2016
  • Ganesh Sattawan
    Jul, 2016 16

    Free service tier provides only two partitions , in other tier's minimum 2 and maximum 32 partitions are provided.

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  • Rohit Gupta
    Jun, 2020 16

    The free version or Tier provides only 2 partitions. Whereas with premium tier you can create a maximum of 32 partitions.

    In the case of bidirectional communication, we dedicate a partition only for the sender to send the data, hence minimum is 2 partitions.

    As the number of partitions increases, hence the cost increases, so choose partitions wisely, as once created they cannot be changed.

    Maximum time only 4 partitions are used.

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