Pradeep Yadav
What are the ReturnTypes of Action in Asp.Net MVC?
By Pradeep Yadav in ASP.NET on May 25 2017
  • Rajani Pandey
    Jan, 2018 7

    Return types of action method colud be json, view, partial view etc.

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  • Pradeep Yadav
    May, 2017 25

    The following table shows the built-in action result types, ViewResult: Renders a view as a Web page. PartialViewResult: Renders a partial view ContentResult : Returns a string FileContentResult: Returns file content FilePathResult : Returns file content FileStreamResult: Returns file content EmptyResult: Returns nothing JavaScriptResult: Returns script for execution JsonResult: Returns JSON formatted data RedirectToResult: Redirects to the specified URL HttpUnauthorizedResult: Returns 403 HTTP Status code RedirectToRouteResult" Redirects to different action/different controller action

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