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What are the types for data binding modes in WPF? Write data binding syntax
By Pawan Kumar Tiwari in WPF on Oct 04 2017
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    Data binding is general technique that binds two data/information sources together and maintains synchronization of data. ? (WPF) data binding provides a simple and consistent way for applications to present and interact with data ? We can use any object as the data source such as database, XML, Collection etc and bind it to the WPF Ul Element such as List box, Text block etc which are called as Targets. ? Important thing to remember is the target is always a dependency property. ? So bindings act as a bridge between Source and Target. ? Target is always a dependency property ? 4 Modes of data binding 1. OnWay (Source to target) 2. TwoWay(Source to target and target to source) 3. OneWayToSource(Reverse of OneWay) 4. OneTime(Application Initslization) OneWay ? OneWay binding means that source control update the target control.If you change the source control then change the target control Sample code TwoWay ? In two way binding, source control updates the target control as well as the target control also updates the source control. That means if you change the value of the source control, it will update the value of the target control and if you change value of target control ? Sample code 2 Object Element Syntax ? Object element syntax is an alternative to creating the binding declaration ? in cases which the markup extension does not support your scenario, such as when your property value is of a non-string type for which no type conversion exists, you need to use the object element syntax. 3 MultiBinding and PriorityBinding ? MultiBinding and PriorityBinding do not support the XAML extension syntax. Therefore, you must use the object element syntax if you are declaring a MultiBindingor a PriorityBinding in XAML Note- Use the Path property to specify the source value you want to bind to: Path=PropertyName

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