Deepak Verma
What does occur first in ASP.Net, Authentication or Authorization?
By Deepak Verma in ASP.NET on Nov 01 2014
  • Pankaj  Kumar Choudhary
    May, 2015 14

    Authentication process occur first which is used to find that a user is authenticate or not after that if user is Authenticate then authorization rights for a specific user is checked ........

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  • Alankar Bhoasle
    Jun, 2015 10

    Authentication occurs first and then if needed authorization.Authentication - Process to check if user is valid or not. Authorization - Process to grant permission according to role or any other criteria

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  • Kml Surani
    Apr, 2015 15


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  • raj kadam
    Feb, 2015 24

    Authentication is first process to identify the user Authorization is next process after identify Particular user which resources he has to be access..

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  • Mohit Sharma
    Feb, 2015 5

    As others had said Authentication means How valid the user is and Authorization means Does the user have some rights. So clearly first you have to find out who the user is (Authenticate) and then only you can check does he have rights to do the required work (Authorize)

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  • Shivam Shukla
    Feb, 2015 3

    Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a user by obtaining some sort of credentials and using those credentials to verify the user's identity. If the credentials are valid, the authorization process starts. Authentication process always proceeds to Authorization process.

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  • Nitin Choudhary
    Jan, 2015 20

    Authentication Then Authorization!!!

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  • Sarath Kumar
    Jan, 2015 4

    After successful Authentication,authorization will be done.

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  • Nakul Chaudhari
    Dec, 2014 30

    authentication then authorization

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  • Mitesh Patel
    Dec, 2014 22

    Authentication occur first than after Authorization

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  • Vikram Agrawal
    Dec, 2014 8

    First Authentication Then Authorization

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  • Manish singh
    Dec, 2014 4

    authentication occurs first then authorization occursAuthentication: Authentication is process to identify the user i.e(who are u). Authorization: Authorization is process of granting permission/role on resources based on identity.

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  • Yadagiri Reddy
    Nov, 2014 19

    first authentication occurs then authorization.simple if you want to do anything first you must authenticate then based on authorizations you can do the things

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  • sri kanth
    Nov, 2014 18

    may be you can find answer here check it : ASP.NEt Interview Question and Answer

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  • Vithal Wadje
    Nov, 2014 2

    first Authentication occur then Authorization occur

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  • Krishna Kumar
    Nov, 2014 1

    Authentication: - prove genuinenessAuthorization: - process of granting approval or permission on resources.

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