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What is a base class?
By siva in ASP.NET onJul 29 2006
  • Aug, 2006 9

    Base class is a class which  share's the functionality of its methods,properties.. etc. 

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  • siva
    Jul, 2006 31

    A class that provides properties and methods as a foundation for a derived class.

    In object-oriented programming, one class can be base for another through inheritance. Using this technique the base class provides characteristics (such as properties and methods) to a derived class. The derived class can modify, reuse, or add to the members of the base class.

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  • veerareddy palnati
    Jul, 2006 31

    Hi Siva, This is Veera Reddy working in TechMahindra as a Software engineer. The main difference between struct and class is. STRUCTS CLASS 1.Struts are value type. 1.These are reference type. 2.It can be stored on the 2.It can be stored on the stack memory. heap memory. 3.We can create object for 3.We cannot create the struct with out using the new object for the class with opreator. using the new operator. 4.Structs does not support inheritance 4.Classes support inheritance.

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  • Jul, 2006 31

    Base class is a class which is designated to share its common properties/fields called as base class.

    Manoj [InfoAxon Technologies Ltd.]

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  • Anuj Kumar
    Jul, 2006 30

    Hi Siva,

    When u use Inheritance, then Class from which u inharits the properties & methods is called as Base Class of that derived class which inharits it.


    Anuj rathi

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  • Bindu Punjab Amar Singh Nahasapeemapetalon Ganesh
    Jul, 2006 30

    Base class is a class named base.

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