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Kshitiz Bhargav
What is a shared assembly?
By Kshitiz Bhargav in .NET onAug 19 2016
  • Sanjay Dwivedi
    Jul, 2017 20

    A shared assembly is an assembly that resides in a centralized location known as the GAC (Global Assembly Cache) and that provides resources to multiple applications. If an assembly is shared then multiple copies will mot be created even when used by multiple applications.

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  • Kumar Aryan
    Jul, 2018 1

    Hey Mukesh Kumar, Why are you posting the same answer multiple times.

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  • Mukesh Kumar
    Aug, 2017 29

    Shared assembly is which deployed on global cache

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  • Kshitiz Bhargav
    Aug, 2016 19

    A shared assembly is kept in the global assembly cache (GAC) and can be used by one or more applications on a machine.

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