What is a transaction and what are ACID properties?
By Micalgray in SQL Server on Mar 22 2011
  • Pratiksha Jain
    Mar, 2011 22

    Atomocity, Consistency, Isolation, Durable

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  • Micalgray
    Mar, 2011 22

    A transaction is a sequence of sql Operations(commands), work as single atomic unit of work. This sequence of operations must satisfy 
    4 properties, which is knwon as ACID test.

    A(Atomicity):-The sequence of operations must be atomic, either all or no operations are performed.

    C(Consistency):- When completed, the sequence of operations must leave data in consistent mode. All the defined
    relations/constraints must me Maintained.

    I(Isolation): A Transaction must be isolated from all other transactions. A transaction sees the data defore the
    operations are performed , or after all the operations has performed, it can't see the data in between.

    D(Durability): All operations must be permanently placed on the system. Even in the event of system failure, all the
    operations must be exhibit.

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