Pradeep Yadav
What is Attached Properties in WPF?
By Pradeep Yadav in WPF on Jun 07 2017
  • Pradeep Yadav
    Jun, 2017 7

    Attached properties are basically Dependency Properties that allows the attachment of a value to any random object. A good example for this concept are layout panels. Each layout panel needs different data to align its child elements. The Canvas needs Top and Left, The DockPanel needs Dock, etc. Since you can write your own layout panel, the list is infinite. So you see, it's not possible to have all those properties on all WPF controls. The solution are attached properties. They are defined by the control that needs the data from another control in a specific context. For example an element that is aligned by a parent layout panel. To set the value of an attached property, add an attribute in XAML with a prefix of the element that provides the attached property. To set the the Canvas.Top and Canvas.Left property of a button aligned within a Canvas panel, you write it like this:

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