Sujeet Suman
What is background work in winforms ?
By Sujeet Suman in Windows Forms on Sep 17 2015
  • G Krishna  Rao
    Aug, 2017 23

    Majorly, it is used while coding threading related application. Background worker process ensures that one process should not get effected if another is running in a same form.

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  • Saurabh Singh
    Nov, 2018 17

    when we want to do time taking tasks in background such as reading/writing large text file, loading large data from database, etc and updating progress bar.

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  • Arjun Walmiki
    Nov, 2018 3

    If you thing about background work so threading come into picture.

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  • Sujeet Suman
    Sep, 2015 18

    This is a in build control of Microsoft winforms. Basically it is used for progressbar related job.

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