Pradeep Yadav
What is Constructor Chaining
By Pradeep Yadav in C# on May 23 2017
  • Pradeep Yadav
    May, 2017 23

    Constructor Chaining is a way to connect two or more classes in a relationship as Inheritance, in Constructor Chaining every child class constructor is mapped to parent class Constructor implicitly by base keyword so when you create an instance of child class to it’ll call parent’s class Constructor without it inheritance is not possible.

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  • Abdurrahman Awan
    Aug, 2018 27

    this design pattern is helpful when you have a class that defines multiple constructors. Given that constructors often validate the incoming arguments to enforce various business rules, it can be quit common to find redundant validation logic within a class constructor set.

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  • Bharathi Raja
    Mar, 2018 1

    Constructor Chaining is an approach where a constructor calls another constructor in the same or base class. This is very handy when we have a class that defines multiple constructors

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  • Manav Pandya
    Feb, 2018 8

    you can say nested constructor instead , i mean call one constructor from another and vice versa

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  • Rajani Pandey
    Jan, 2018 7

    Contstructor chaining is an approach where one constructor can call another constructor in the same class or base class.

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  • Jitendra Sharma
    Aug, 2018 20

    constructor chaining is a mechanism to call the parameterized constructor of base class by the derived class refrence pointer(object)

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