Rajeev Kumar
What is data Pages in SqlServer?

What is data Pages in SqlServer?

By Rajeev Kumar in .NET on Feb 27 2023
  • Sardar Mudassar Ali  Khan
    Feb, 2023 28

    The page is the fundamental unit of data storage in SQL Server. An extent is a collection of eight physically contiguous pages. Extents help efficiently manage pages. This guide describes the data structures that are used to manage pages and extents in all versions of SQL Server. Understanding the architecture of pages and extents is important for designing and developing databases that perform efficiently.

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  • doeki dioao
    Mar, 2023 7

    In SQL Server, there are three types of data pages: in-row, row-overflow,trap the cat and LOB pages. Let’s investigate each of these.

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  • Tuhin Paul
    Mar, 2023 2

    A data page is a fundamental unit of storage for database records. Data pages are organized into data structures called allocation units, which are used to manage the physical allocation and deallocation of storage space in a database. There are several types of allocation units in SQL Server, such as heaps, clustered indexes, and nonclustered indexes, each of which has a different structure and usage.

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