Sompal Arya
what is difference between int[,] arr=new int[4,2] && int[][] arr=new int[4][2];
By Sompal Arya in ASP.NET on Feb 27 2014
  • Satish Rajnale
    Mar, 2014 1

    Use an int[,] when you want to ensure that the rows are all the same. Another use of int[,] is for interoperability purposes to C++ pseudo-multidimensional arrays. Another benefit is that the entire memory block is allocated at once.Use and int[][] when you want to allow a more complex data structure, that allows the rows to be different lengths. The rows could even be null. But you will have to loop over a for loop:int [][] x = new int[10][];for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) x[i] = new int[10];Another benefit to int[][] is that the memory here does not need to be allocated contiguously. Even if you use an int[][] of all the same dimensions, this can be a benefit. It is the difference of finding space for 10 lengths of 10 elements, to finding the space for 1 length of 100 elements. (Or a real wold analogy, finding space in you bag for 10 pairs of socks vs 1 pair of pants. The volume is about the same, but you can jam those sock just about anywhere). That's good if you have smaller amounts of space available.

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