Manish Kumar
What is difference between Namespace and Assembly?
By Manish Kumar in ASP.NET on Oct 31 2012
  • Naeem Khan
    Nov, 2012 12

    7 point is wrong.. before implementation please sure for every lines...

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  • Yogesh Sharma
    Nov, 2012 9

    Namespace: 1) it is a collection of same type of classes. 2) They form the logical boundary for a Group of classes. 3) Namespace must be specified in Project-Properties.Assembly: 1) It is an Output Unit. 2) It is a unit of Deployment & a unit of versioning. 3) Assemblies contain MSIL code. 4) Assemblies are Self-Describing. [e.g. metadata,manifest] 5)An assembly is the primary building block of a .NET Framework application. 6) It is a collection of functionality that is built, versioned, and deployed as a single implementation unit (as one or more files). 7) All managed types and resources are marked either as accessible only within their implementation unit, or by code outside that unit.

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