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Sanjay Irnai
What is difference between Repeater and GridView control in ASP.NET?
By Sanjay Irnai in ASP.NET on Nov 05 2012
  • shankar kumar
    Feb, 2014 7

    A GridView displays your data source in an HTML table and extends it to allow paging, sorting, editing etc. A repeater is a template control, where you specify the html that is used to render each row. A gridview can only show your data in a table, but a repeater can show your data in any way you want by creating the relevant ItemTemplate. For example you might show a list of products, with each product having an image, description, list of colours, price etc, all arranged as you'd normal see a product listing. A repeater can supply that kind of display flexibility.

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  • Satyapriya Nayak
    Nov, 2012 15

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