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Darwin  Chaudhary
what is diffrence constructor and destructor in vb
By Darwin Chaudhary in ASP.NET onJun 08 2011
  • Darwin  Chaudhary
    Jun, 2011 10

    In OOP a constructor is a function that has the task of initializing the object. In VB.NET, this is defined as a Sub with the name of New. It’s called whenever an object is created using the New statement, like so: destructor is the last method run by a class. This is called Finalize in VB.NET and it’s called whenever the .NET runtime is told directly or otherwise determines that an object is no longer required. Common uses for the Finalize method is to decrement or increment counters or release resources.

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  • Darwin  Chaudhary
    Jun, 2011 8


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