Sushant Shinde
What is DockPanel Control in WPF?
By Sushant Shinde in WPF on Mar 03 2016
  • Gajendra Jangid
    Jan, 2018 29

    The WPF DockPanel is a standard layout control. It allows you to snap, or dock, controls to the edges of a rectangular area.

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  • Sushant Shinde
    Mar, 2016 3

    A DockPanel is a panel where each child element docks to one of the four edges. DockPanel enables docking of child elements to an entire side of the panel streching it to fill the entire height or width.The DockPanel makes it easy to dock content in all four directions (top, bottom, left and right).This makes it a great choice in many situations, where you want to divide the window into specific areas, especially because by default, the last element inside the DockPanel, unless this feature is specifically disabled, will automatically fill the rest of the space (center).

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